Past students

Mohamed Serry, MSc in mathematics, American University of Sharjah, 2017

Academic Mentor during his BSc and MSc.

Currently a PhD student at the University of Waterloo, Canada.

Hussain Ibdah, BSc in mathematics, American University of Sharjah

Thesis title “Synchrony in Pulse Coupled Oscillators”, 2014

PhD, Texas A&M University, 2021

Currently a postodc at the Universty of Maryland

Hamid Sagban, BSc in mathematics, American University of Sharjah.

Thesis title “Mapping Class Groups”, 2013.

PhD, University of Maryland, 201

Currently a postdoc at Universität Paderborn

Reem Alawdah, BSc in computer science, American University of Sharjah

Project “Virtual Origami” (joint supervision). 2011

Computer Scientist and Artist.

Jacob Bernstein, Research Experience for Undergraduates, University of Michigan.

Project title “A Teichmüller-like space for Riemann surfaces with parameterized boundaries”, 2004.

Currently an associate professor at Johns Hopkins University.