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I am currently the academic coordinator in the Department of Mathematics and Systems Analysis at Aalto University in Finland. Here is my official university contact page.

My research interests lie at the interface of conformal field theory, complex analytic Teichmueller theory, and geometric function theory. This work is partly motivated by the program of using vertex operator algebras to rigorously construct conformal field theory in the sense of G. Segal. Most recently I am involved in a project on algebraic structures and random geometry of stochastic lattice models.

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Key Terms: Teichmüller and moduli space theory or bordered Riemann surfaces. Mathematical foundation and construction of conformal field theory. Geometric function theory. Vertex operator algebras. Rigged Riemann surfaces, Weil-Petersson metric, quasiconformal mappings, sewing / gluing, conformal welding, lambda-lemma, Schiffer variation, determinant line bundles, and modular functors.


Two large conferences coming up in August 2020 at Aalto. I am on the local organzing committee of both.


Since 1995 I have been teaching in a formal capacity at universities in Australia, the USA, the United Arab Emirates, and Finland. Courses have ranged from freshman service courses through to graduate mathematics courses.

I have also been deeply involved in curricular development, including the building of the undergraduate and masters programs in mathematics at the American University of Shajrah from their inception.

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Sometimes I have a life outside math that involves family, cycling, birding, travel and so on. If this is what you are looking for then go to my facebook page or Elina's facebook page.